Edward & Stella Blogger Template Installation Documentation, a step to step guide to help you out to set up your blog easy way.

First of all, Thank you for Downloading our template if you haven’t done yet you can get it from here: Best Blogger Template. You check the live demo through the button below and also Please Read this documentation carefully in order to set up your blog and please note that there’s no support for free users.

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Blogger Template Installation Steps:-

1. Backup & Uploading

  1. Unzip the Template.zip file.
  2. On Blogger Dashboard Click Template.
  3. Click on Download Full Template to keep your old template.
  4. Click Browse… button. Find where the “Edward & Stella-xxxx-version.xml” file location.
  5. Then Click Upload.
  6. Edit mobile Preview. (follow images)



2. Blog Setting

After installing the theme, there are minimum settings to make all widgets work fine in this template.

  1. On Blogger Dashboard Click Settings.
  2. Click Other.
  3. In Site Feed > Allow Blog Feed Choose Full.
  4. Then Click Save settings.




3. Logo Setup

1. In your dashboard Select “Layout”.

2. Upload Your Logo Header : In You Blog (Header), Click on “Edit” and applicate all settings below :



4. Navigation Menu

  4.1 Menu Setup ( navigation-wrapper )


To Edit Top Menu in this theme you can follow this step:

1. Go to -> Blogger Dashboard- >layout -> Top navigation- > press edit button.



2. Now copy and paste the below mention code to widget content, replace the “#” with your link to your categories.

<li><a href='#'>Home</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>About</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Contact</a>
<ul class='sub-menu'>
	<li><a href='#'>Category</a></li>
	<li><a href='#'>Category</a></li>
	<li><a href='#'>Category</a></li>	
<li><a href='#'>Shop</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Advertise</a></li>


Image example :

3. Setting Up The Top Social Menu




To Edit Top Social icons in this theme you can follow these steps:

    1. On Blogger Dashboard
    2. And Click Layout
    3. Top Social Widget Click Edit button

Add your social media name and link >> ADD LINK >> Once you added all the links SAVE.


Use http:// or https:// where applicable.

To Edit Sidebar Social icons in this theme you can follow these steps:



    1. On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout
    2. Top Social Widget Click Edit button


Add your social media name and link >> ADD LINK >> Once you added all the links SAVE.


Use http:// or https:// where applicable.


Behance Facebook Twitter Bloglovin Dribbble Flickr GooglePlus Instagram Linkedin Pinterest Vimeo Youtube Vine Soundcloud Goodreads Deviantart Foursquare Reddit Tumblr Spotify Twitch Vk Mailto shop Rss Etsy

Video Guide : –

6. Setup the Slider



Slider Works automatically with the latest post.

But you need to make sure few things :

  1.  Your Blog Must be public from settings
  2. Your Blog Feed Set to be full of settings -> other -> blog feed.
  3. Your blog post has at least One label in your latest (5) posts.

At least one label example: Sport is just an example.


6. How To Set Date On Post



Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Language and Formatting > Formatting > Timestamp Format > set it to date instead of time


Save it

7. Widget

7.1 About Me



1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > About me widget > click on edit button > Edit Html

2. Now copy the below mention code and paste into widget.

3. Change the image url with author image url, description

4. Save It


<div class="about-widget"><img alt="About Me" src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-DmPRDCbQC2A/WJoToqY-gPI/AAAAAAAAAL8/CMgWRh6OFVoy7elrJJWlL1dnOuMsrmrrQCLcB/s1600/about.jpg" / /><p>Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis bibendum auctor, nisi elit conseat ipsum, nec sagittis sem nibh id elit. Duis sed odio sit amei.</p></div>

7.2 Pinterest Widget


1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Pinterest widget > click on edit button > Edit Html

2. Now copy the below mention code and paste into widget.

3. Change the user name and thumbnailCount according to your need

4. Save It


<div id="pinterest-gallery"></div><script>var thumbnailCount = 6;var username = 'greyandscout';</script><p></p><div class="clear"></div>


7.3 Instagram Widget


Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Footer Instagram widget

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Instagram widget > click on edit button > Edit Html
2. Now copy the below mention code and paste into widget.

<div class=’insta-wrap’>
<div class=’my-insta-box’>
<a class=’btn-style’ href=’https://www.instagram.com/stella_edward_wedding/?hl=en’ rel=’me’>FOLLOW ME @INSTAGRAM</a>
<ul id=’instafeed’ class=’insta-slick’>

<script type=’text/javascript’>//<![CDATA[

var feed = new Instafeed({
get: ‘user’,
userId: 13371393773,
accessToken: ‘13371393773.1677ed0.3247ba96fbc54dac8e1b72c0bfb8b79d’,
after: function () {

var owl = $(‘.insta-slick’);
dots: false,
infinite: false,
speed: 300,
prevArrow: ‘<button type=”button” class=”slick-nav slick-prev”><i class=”fa fa-angle-left”></i></button>’,
nextArrow: ‘<button type=”button” class=”slick-nav slick-next”><i class=”fa fa-angle-right”></i></button>’,
slidesToShow: 7,
slidesToScroll: 2,
autoplay: true,
autoplaySpeed: 1000,
responsive: [
breakpoint: 1024,
settings: {
slidesToShow: 3,
slidesToScroll: 3,
infinite: true,
dots: false
breakpoint: 600,
settings: {
slidesToShow: 2,
slidesToScroll: 2
breakpoint: 480,
settings: {
slidesToShow: 1,
slidesToScroll: 1
// You can unslick at a given breakpoint now by adding:
// settings: “unslick”
// instead of a settings object


template: ‘<li><a href=”{{link}}” target=”_blank”><div class=”zoom-out-effect left”><div class=”img-box”><img src=”{{image}}” /></div></div></div></a></li>’,
resolution: ‘standard_resolution’


Generate your Instagram Access token by clicking on button from http://www.jetseotools.com/instagram


Now enter the access token here in Layout:





10. Theme Customization

Access your blog Template > click Customize.

Here you can change the background, and apply pre-defined colors

Clicking Advanced You will see the official option to change the Main Color


11. Rubik Widgets


Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > rubik > click on edit button > Edit Html

Now you can change their Titles and as well as your preferable label url’s in this widget.

And then save it.

Thank you.